About Us

Yes! We are different at ENE SECURITY. It is simple, but we are not focused on what we can sell our customers, we are focused on how we can help our partners. We prioritize our customers’ needs and design solutions that can help. We are a true value-added service provider, understanding that the investment in security, although it is necessary, should be cost effective. We have been leading the commercial security industry for decades, integrating innovative security solutions into businesses throughout New England and across every industry that addresses even the most unique needs. Our tried-and-true products and unmatched service has made us the top security choice for businesses for over 30 years. If you would like to experience the difference of having a security vendor to having a true partner, please give us a call. I guarantee you will like the difference. 


Founded with the mission to be the best service provider in the security industry, we continue to evaluate and innovate how we can stay the best. Our staff are trained in many disciplines including engineering, software support, electrical, and locksmithing, as well as a team of licensed and certified technicians who have a wealth of expertise, which allows us to reach innovative solutions for the most challenging jobs.  All members of our team are skillfully trained and certified to oversee, install, operate, and troubleshoot every product we sell so that you can rest assured knowing that whoever you speak to at ENE – they will know exactly what you need. 

The team members that make up ENE SECURITY are the heart of our company. Our expert teams are led by some of the most innovative, sharp professionals in the industry. 


Rapid Response Service

We know that your site security is always urgent, that is why we have multiple office locations throughout New England. We’re able to assess, install, adjust, repair, and upgrade your business’ unique security system with a rapid turnaround time that is unmatched by our competition. To supplement our designated offices, our certified technicians have a unique tracking system that allows us to dispatch remotely, which allows us to reach clients throughout New England efficiently 24/7/365. When you choose ENE SECURITY as your partner, you are sure to receive industry leading products and service – every time. 

Quality You Can Trust

We stay on the cutting edge of new innovative technology by constantly evaluating products, often before they are available to the market space.  We have multiple labs to test and assess every component before we add anything new to our portfolio.  We warrantee everything we sell and assure you will get what you expect, and the system will perform as it was intended.  It’s a guarantee our competition can’t match because our focus is efficiently and innovatively solving your problems, as simply as possible. With ENE SECURITY, you get the highest quality security systems and an unparalleled experience as well as our promise: “you will be happy you chose ENE SECURITY.” 

We work closely with the distinguished organizations who are authorities on security and safety requirements and standards so that we can better serve facilities around New England.