We offer our solutions to businesses and facilities in every industry. We have the infrastructure to take on projects of any scale, no matter how big or small. Our project process aligns ENE personnel into teams to take on the most complex solutions as smaller very manageable tasks with a high visibility on communication internally as well as externally. This allows ENE the ability to treat every customer/project no matter the size or complexity with personal care and assure it’s the right solution for you and your facility.   


Our decades of security experience and commitment to stay a leader in the industry allow us to bring quality security solutions to private and public sector industries of all types. We have solutions for manufacturing, healthcare, education, transportation, banking, religious, government facilities as well as property management. At ENE SECURITY our consultant experts assess your vulnerabilities and innovate a solution that is customized to your needs. Your ENE SECURITY solution will give you complete peace of mind when it comes to the protection of your people, products, and assets – allowing you to focus on running your company. 

Private Sector

We have experience working with some of the most complicated industries, which means we have solutions that can meet a wide variety of needs. We proudly serve many different private sector industries. Our solutions have been applied to many healthcare, education, transportation, religious, real estate, and even highly reliable banking protection. Rest assured, we have the right security solution for your facility.

Construction Firms

The construction industry deals with a lot of moving parts and heavy machinery. Not only is it high-risk, but the equipment and resources are often highly valuable. Our security solutions are designed to be reliable and adaptable, meaning you can change your coverage and settings as your site progresses or develops. Our systems are designed to keep your workers and your assets and equipment safe, at all times.

Government Facilities

We proudly work with the U.S. Government on security solutions that are highly reliable and ultra sensitive. Government facilities see all different sorts of confidential and classified information being transmitted on a day to day basis, and many could be considered high risk. This is why these facilities require the highest quality security solutions, and we are thrilled to rise to the occasion.