Even though ENE SECURITY focuses on designing solutions to solve problems and protect assets for our customers, not selling products, we spend an enormous amount of time evaluating products to decide who we want to partner with.  ENE SECURITY customer applications can range from one security device to thousands. The simplicity or complexity of products varies greatly based on the application, and as a result, ENE maintains a stable of “best of breed” solutions for small, medium, and enterprise-size businesses.  

We have strong relationships with leading product manufacturers in the areas of:

  • Access Control
  • Video Management
  • IP Camera
  • Intercom
  • Ancillary Technology

These relationships ensure that our customers receive the highest quality equipment.  Furthermore, this enables ENE to provide the highest quality installation and unrivaled service. 

We only choose to install the best security equipment on the market, and we only do so after rigorous testing has been in our facilities first. 

Nothing is installed for a client before ENE’s own experts have run it through extensive scenarios. 

More information on the specific products and manufacturers that we use is coming soon. Please contact ENE to discuss any of them further.