3 Ways ENE SECURITY Customizes Security Systems

Written by ENE SECURITY Staff on November 17, 2022

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Have you ever researched a product or service, and felt like you needed more information?   

Did you see a list of features that sounded great, but wondered how they applied to your specific situation? 

Or more importantly, did you wonder how that company would handle any challenging aspects of your situation, or how they would react when an unexpected roadblock surfaced while they were servicing you? 

These concerns aren’t always addressed in a bullet point list of products and services on most companies’ websites. 


Here are 3 “Real Life” examples of customized security systems 


ENE SECURITY provides customized security systems.  And below, we provide the context to make it “real” for your situation. 


1.  Security Cameras Installed after Going Underground and Scaling Rocks


ENE Security Cameras


Not just thinking “outside the box”, but also working “on top of rocks” was key when ENE provided our long term partner, Franklin Park Zoo, with specially-situated security cameras and laser sensors.   

A newly renovated Guerilla exhibit called for unique solutions to keep the guerillas and zoo guests safe.   

For example, the zoo needed the staff to be safe during feeding procedures, and to allow for guests to be safe when viewing them. 

Specially-routed underground cable and the mounting of security cameras onto rocks were just some of the creative solutions provided by ENE to make the project a success. 

Besides creativity, collaboration with the zoo was crucial also.  Such as the need to transition into more user-friendly and modern video surveillance storage. 

ENE is upgrading the video storage to a cloud-based system at a gradual pace.  We are training the staff, as well as upgrading the video system, in a palatable manner.  


2.  Access Control that Complies with Strict Industry Regulations 


ENE Security Intercom


A big reason for the success behind a recent security systems project ENE did for Vermont Mutual Insurance Group, was that we provided various options for the to choose from, and coached them on each. 

The ultimate solution turned out to be an integrated cloud-based security system, consisting of access control, video surveillance and alarms.   

But giving advice on the options and providing the workmanship were not the only components of the success.  The project had to comply with strict industry regulations, especially regarding access to the IT server room, due to privacy issues in the financial industry. 

“Dual Authentication” needed to be employed with access to this area.  This extra security layer to restrict access is familiar to ENE, so we were able to keep Vermont Mutual in compliance. 

And we delivered special access badges with a chips built it, to suit our client’s unique compliance requirements. 


3.  Customizing Security Solutions According to Your Schedule


ENE Security Alarm


Planned Parenthood knew that ENE possessed the expert technicians, the cutting edge security systems and the reputation to handle their unique needs, in terms of when our technicians could do the work. 

But they soon learned just how these three things worked together…especially the reputation. 

When you are as highly rated as ENE SECURITY is at keeping the customer satisfied, two things are true:  You got that way by doing things the right way in the past.  And, you know the right thing to do when challenges are presented to you in the future. 

Installing access control systems, intrusion alarms and security cameras in a venue such as Planned Parenthood must be executed perfectly.  And on time. 

So when ENE was given strict deadlines, we came through. 


Do You Want to Limit Yourself to a Just a List of Features on a Brochure…


…or Do You Deserve True Customized Security Systems Solutions? 


From the initial security assessment, to the installation, through to servicing your facility post-installation, things will happen.  Changes will occur.  Problems will need to be solved.   

Please remember the 3 ways ENE customizes security systems that we listed in this post.  That’s when your security systems provider earns their stripes.   

And please also remember to contact ENE SECURITY to allow us to customize security systems according to your specific needs.