Preventing crimes before they occur is paramount. Introducing the Automated Night Watch, a state-of-the-art surveillance kit powered by advanced machine learning, designed to proactively detect and identify potential bad actors, ensuring they are deterred before committing any criminal activity. With seamless day-and-night integration, this kit empowers your security protocols with automatic, swift, and accurate detection.

Key Features:

Multi-Imager Technology: The Automated Night Watch utilizes cutting-edge multi-imager technology to identify suspicious motion. This innovative feature guides the PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera to track intruders while simultaneously activating a white light illuminator. This dual functionality not only provides high-definition visual clarity for identification but also alerts potential perpetrators that their actions are under scrutiny.

Immediate Audio Intervention: Detection is just the beginning. The Automated Night Watch steps up security with immediate audio intervention. Using a nearby IP loudspeaker, the system can broadcast live or pre-recorded warning messages, delivering a direct deterrent to unauthorized individuals. This immediate response often halts intruders in their tracks before authorities even need to be alerted.

AI Intelligent Tracking: Powered by deep neural network detectors, the system employs AI Intelligent Tracking to focus on potential threats while ignoring non-critical objects. High pixel density on targeted individuals aids in precise identification, ensuring an unmistakable response.

Enhanced Engagement: The accompanying IP speaker heightens engagement, providing an additional layer of deterrence that reinforces the security perimeter.


  • Proactive Threat Detection: Identify and deter potential threats before they escalate, ensuring safety and security.
  • High-Definition Clarity: Multi-imager technology and white light illumination provide clear, identifiable images of intruders.
  • Swift Response: Immediate audio interventions halt intruders, reducing the need for law enforcement intervention.
  • Accurate Focus: AI Intelligent Tracking distinguishes between critical and non-critical objects, focusing only on potential threats.
  • Layered Deterrence: The IP speaker system adds an extra layer of deterrence, reinforcing the security perimeter.

Experience unparalleled safety with the Automated Night Watch and safeguard your assets by identifying potential threats before they escalate. Step confidently into the future of proactive security.