Cannabis Growth Facility Counts on ENE to Secure a 200,000 Sq. Ft. New Facility…And More

Providing effective security systems and advice at one cannabis growth facility is important enough, but to obtain the trust of the client to secure three of them, is noteworthy…especially when one of the facilities is 200,000 square feet in size.  And the fact that ENE SECURITY was brought in by Diem Cannabis to take over from another security provider, also speaks volumes as to what they saw in ENE from the start.

Diem Cannabis’ hiring of ENE SECURITY to provided fully-integrated security systems at a large 200,000 square foot facility, proves that customers know they can count on us.  They count on us not only for large projects such as this one, but also for serious security needs in an industry such as cannabis growth.

And to be hired to secure two of their additional facilities, with so much at stake in terms of security in this burgeoning industry, simply underscores their trust in us.

ENE SECURITY provided complete redesigning and installation of the intrusion alarm, access control and video surveillance at the Lynn, Orange (which is the 200,000 sq. ft. building) and Worcester facilities, after having been brought in to take over operations from a security competitor.