Security Solutions for a school district, from the “ground up”…Literally

ENE SECURITY took over the security systems at two grammar schools and an administrative building at Hampstead Public Schools in New Hampshire.  To say that we started from the ground up, couldn’t be more true.  ENE systems actually created the plans ourselves, so we’re able to ensure the best operation of the access control system and video surveillance at the two school locations, and at the administrative building.

To Ensure the Best Operation of Security Cameras and Access Control, ENE Draws up the Plans Ourselves

Hampstead Public Schools counts on ENE SECURITY for complete security solutions, from the plans to the installation, and for service going forward.

Due to importance of making sure the best video coverage was provided for this school system’s buildings, ENE actually designed the plans ourselves.  You can’t get a more accurate set up for optimal performance of the security cameras, since we were able to dictate how they would be most effective, according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

The manufacturer for the security cameras was Avigilon.  ENE has a great relationship with this company and we know how to install their cameras to be most effective…especially when we drew up the plans.

For effective access control and doors to be locked properly and at the proper times, it was also a benefit to all that we were involved with the plans for this aspect of the job as well.

This is yet another example of how ENE SECURITY is your complete security systems integrator.