Significant Security Upgrades and The Need to Comply with Regulations are Handled Perfectly 

Vermont Mutual Insurance relied on ENE to install an access control system in the compliance-heavy environment of finance.  The need for a significant security upgrade can be daunting enough. But when you combine it with need to execute while complying with strict federal regulations, the process can be even more complex. ENE handled this process seamlessly. 

ENE Ensures Security Upgrades Meet Client’s Strict Industry Compliance Needs through Customization 

ENE SECURITY installed an advanced access control system for Vermont Mutual Insurance Group, where none had previously existed.   The insurance company only had the use of intrusion alarms to this point, so adding a robust security measure seemed daunting. 

A large reason the project succeeded, was because ENE gave Vermont Mutual various options to choose from, and coached them on each. 

The ultimate solution turned out to be an integrated cloud-based security system using Verkada equipment for access control, video surveillance and alarms.   

But giving advice on the options, and providing the technology and workmanship, were not the only components of the success.  

The project had to comply with strict industry regulations, especially regarding access to the IT server room, due to privacy issues in the financial industry. 

“Dual Authentication” needed to be instituted for employees to gain access to this area with their credentials.   

ENE worked with Vermont Mutual to create customized access / ID badges with chip technology.   

Now that ENE has come through with these specialized solutions for their industry, we are now a trusted advisor of Vermont Mutual Insurance Group.