ENE installs Shooter Detection System at a prestigious high school. 

ENE SECURITY was called on by the Director of Security at Pinkerton Academy to install an Indoor Shooter Detection System.  Learn below how the former police lieutenant and military veteran trusted ENE to provide a low-cost and highly-effective security measure that allows for an open environment to be maintained, without disruptions and restrictions. 

ENE Creates Widespread Impact on Shooter Detection at Schools

After being called on to install a Shooter Detection System at Pinkerton Academy in Derry NH, ENE Security has created a ripple effect on school security throughout the region.  

Pinkerton’s Director of Security, Eric Kester, trusted ENE SECURITY to install an Indoor Active Shooter Detection System, by SDS Guardian. 

This technology enables the school to identify, verify, locate and then track firearm discharges campus-wide, across 26-buildings. 

ENE took it to the next level.  Not only was the system installed in a cost-effective manner to accommodate the security budget, but ENE also made it manageable for future security solutions to be integrated in a turnkey fashion. 

And what’s more, ENE’s impact is being spread to other schools in the region as law enforcement personnel come to Pinkerton for training on this vital school security system. 

Learn more about how the Indoor Active Shooter Detection System can benefit your school.