Unique Solutions for Unique Clients: Specially-Installed Security Cameras and Laser Detection 

The Franklin Park Zoo, a longtime client of ENE, relied on our mutual trust and ENE’s technical creativity to install cameras in challenging spots at the zoo, including those that needed to be drilled into rocks.  Also, laser sensors and fence detection alarms were used to keep the Guerillas, and visitors who view them, safe. 

Creativity Meets Collaboration to Ensure Safety and Streamline Security Systems 

Not just thinking “outside the box”, but also working “on top of rocks” was key when ENE provided our long term partner, Franklin Park Zoo, with specially-situated security cameras and laser sensors.   

A newly renovated Guerilla exhibit called for unique solutions to keep the guerillas and zoo guests safe.   

For example, the zoo needed the staff to be safe during feeding procedures, and to allow for guests to be safe when viewing them. 

Specially-routed underground cable and the mounting of security cameras onto rocks were just some of the creative solutions provided by ENE to make the project a success. 

Besides creativity, collaboration with the zoo was crucial also.  Such as the need to transition into more user-friendly and modern video surveillance storage. 

ENE is upgrading the video storage to a cloud-based system at a gradual pace. We are training the staff, as well as upgrading the video system, in a palatable manner.