Vicor counts on ENE for a fully-integrated security solution for major new construction.

Vicor was expanding due to rapid growth and called on ENE SECURITY to provide a fully-integrated security system for the resulting new construction.

But a complete security system was not the only way ENE came through.  We also helped coordinate with other contractors when delays threatened to impact the opening of the facility.

ENE Helps in Vicor’s Expansion While also Coordinating Efforts with other Contractors

Vicor of Andover, MA, is the leader in high performance power modules for highly technical products such as satellites and robotics.  So they hired ENE SECURITY for high performance security systems for their new construction.

Vicor trusts ENE to secure their facilities, but also to solve inevitable problems and challenges that occur when several entities are working together on new construction.

While ENE installed intrusion alarms, door security, access control and cameras, we also installed a plan.

What Vicor appreciated, was our integrated plan to work with other contractors in order overcome delays, to go the extra mile to finish the project in a timely manner.

And the level of expertise that it takes to secure such an advanced facility included the latest advancements in security. ENE has relationships with the most reputable vendors in the industry for the equipment.

And just as importantly, we have highly-trained and expert technicians to get the job done.

The workmanship and leadership paid off. Vicor has now retained ENE to migrate their employee badging system to a new platform, due to the experience of dealing with ENE for the security of the new construction.