ENE helps overcome COVID access restrictions at the YMCA

ENE delivered for the YMCA of the North Shore during the COVID restrictions.  ENE installed a sleek, cloud-based video surveillance and access control platform by Verkada.  This system allowed for easy tracking of access via remote video and detailed reports.  It also allowed parents who weren’t able to attend their children’s sporting events to watch them via video from home.

COVID Created Access Restrictions for Everyone.  ENE Solved These Issues.

To say that the COVID epidemic restricted access is an understatement.  Facilities like the YMCA, who already had access control measures in place before, had to become even more vigilant.

So much more reporting and tracking needed to be conducted, because so much more was on the line.

After ENE came through for the YMCA of the North Shore, with the solutions mentioned in the section above, word got out to the other YMCA’s in the region.

We now service approximately 25 YMCA locations, from gymnasiums to their housing authority buildings.

Not only did ENE provide video and access control monitoring and reporting during this challenging time, but we also provided our own cable installers and locksmiths (in addition to our highly skilled security installers), to create that “all in one” provider solution that the YMCA was looking for.

They liked that they now only had to deal with ENE as a central expert, yet we could introduce other advanced solutions the integration for the YMCA.  And the customers liked the results also, such as when the parents mentioned above could view their children playing.